Center for Bamboo Development, Inc. is based in Brgy. Ambalite, Pugo, La Union with the main objective to increase the awareness of the Filipinos to the potentials of bamboo and how it can help improve lives by providing basic knowledge and hands-on training that includes emphasizing and showcasing the full utilization of both the bamboo poles and shoots. CBDI now has a bamboo seedling nursery, a soon to be built hands-on training center, organic demonstration farm, pole processing center and charcoal processing operations.

Founded in December 2018 by Rene E. Cristobal and his family, CBDI has advocated the cultivation of bamboo plantations, rehabilitation of existing bamboo areas, and developing of new products; specifically bamboo charcoal (activated and non-activated) under their product line branded as BAMBU BLACK.

In terms of education, CBDI has developed a training program aiming to be one of the training providers and facilities for bamboo planting and processing in the country.

The Philippine Dream

  • Today, the Philippines has only 100,000 – 150,000 ha. of bamboo planted, but most are not properly cultivated and much of the bamboo production goes to waste. There is little effort to understand and create a value chain that can utilize bamboo to fight hunger and provide livelihoods that can vanquish poverty.

Bamboo Utilization

  • CBDI aims to emphasize and showcase the full utilization of both poles and shoots to minimize production costs and improve profit margins for planters and processors. All parts of the bamboo can be used both for rural livelihoods and industrial bamboo products such as floorboards, panel boards, chopsticks, straws, utensils, paper, textile, charcoal, even beer, wine, and medicine.

Value Chain

  • The bamboo value chain is an industry value-chain that involves all stakeholders: farmers, primary processors, bamboo product manufacturers, technology providers, marketing firms/exporters and users. It improves the utilization of materials, product quality and productivity and profit margins.

    The bamboo value chain has to be established and later expanded into a global value chain when we have already established more and larger plantations to enable us to make more products.

What We Do

  • Consultancy For:

  • Improving and propagating existing bamboo farms

  • Nursery and seedling management

  • Project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation

  • Trainings About Bamboo:

  • Bamboo propagation and cultivation

  • Hands-on training for developing bamboo nurseries

  • Bamboo plantations

  • Bamboo processing

  • Bamboo charcoal making

  • Products:

  • Activated bamboo charcoal deodorizers / dehumidifiers

  • Activated bamboo powder for industrial use

  • Activated bamboo sticks

  • Bamboo liquid smoke (Mokusaka)

  • Organic fertilizer a byproduct in making bamboo charcoal which is good for agricultural purposes as foliar, pesticide and soil conditioner

  • Facilities:

  • Training and multipurpose hall

  • Kilns for bamboo charcoal making

  • Bamboo farm

Bamboo Center

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